Importance Notice on CADA Rule 7.09 Regarding Canadian Championships

Wed, Aug 11, 2010

Canadian Closed

Canadian Amateur DanceSport Association Association / Amateurs De Danse Sportive Du Canada


CADA Rule 7.09 No couple may participate in any category at the Canadian Closed Amateur DanceSport Championship in a calendar year unless both members of the couple competed, in the exact same category, with each other in the Amateur DanceSport Competition designated by their Regional Board as the Official Regional Qualifying Competition, with that Official Regional Qualifying Competition being held in the same year prior to as the Canadian Closed Championship. Only one Official Regional Qualifying competition can be designated by each Regional Board. All couples from that Region must compete in this one Official Regional Qualifying Competition in order to qualify to compete in the Canadian Closed Championships. Each Regional Board shall provide to the promoter of any Canadian Closed Championship a list of competing couples, who are eligible to compete under this Rule, a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event. A dancer can only compete in one Official Regional Qualifying Competition per year.

The Regional Board must submit the name and date of the Official Regional Qualifying Competition for the Canadian Closed Championship to the CADA Board no later than September 1st of the year prior to the next Canadian Closed Championship. The date of each Regional’s Association Official Qualifying Competition for the Canadian Closed Championship will be published on the CADA and Regional Association web sites.

Notwithstanding this requirement, the CADA Board may waive the application of this Rule in an exceptional case where a couple has not competed in the Official Regional Qualifying Competition. An application for a waiver must be filed with the CADA Board by the Regional Board prior to their Official Regional Qualifying Competition or no later than 5 days after their Official Regional Qualifying Competition. No waiver will be granted for a new partnership that was created after the Official Regional Qualifying Competition of their Regional Association.

The Statement on the amateur Entry Form, which must be completed and signed by all Canadian Closed Competitors, shall read as follows: [I competed with the same partner in the Official Regional Qualifying Competition in the exact same category for which we wish to enter these Canadian Closed Championships] followed by a “Yes” and a “No” box for a response and both their signatures. {effective April 1, 2010}

The promoter shall not accept any such entry form unless the Statement above is completed.


DSQ: January 15, Super AM

DSBC- February 4-6, SnowBall Classic

OADA- February 27, Ontario Closed Championships

DSAB- February 27, (Date still to be confirmed) Alberta Winter Classic

DAA-February 27, DanceSport Atlantic Official Qualifier