Important Press Release from Canada DanceSport

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

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June 24th, 2012

Important Press Release from Canada DanceSport regarding the 2012 WDSF Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Berlin, Germany on June 17th, 2012.

Dear Canada DanceSport Athletes and Dance Friends,

Many months ago, USA Dance & Canada DanceSport worked on writing a members’ motion to change the current situation that was occurring in DanceSport. We worked very hard on behalf of our dancers who were suspended due to their competing in Non-Recognized events. For several months we dialogued around the World with Presidents of many other Member Bodies of the WDSF and spent countless hours developing a motion that would challenge the WDSF on their policies of suspending Athletes and Adjudicators.

Eventually 7 other countries signed our motion: Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland, Wales, & Denmark. We thank them for their joining with us in our fight. The final result was made possible by the unified effort of the majority of the democratic body of countries that spoke at the AGM.

I am thrilled to report that the Presidium agreed to remove all banning and to reinstate couples previously banned from WDSF competitions. This applies only until June 2013 when a new Code will be drafted that is agreeable to everyone concerned.

A few key individuals, along with myself, played an important role in helping to bring this new decision about: Flemming Riis of Denmark, Franz Allert of Germany, Peter Maxwell of England, Lydia Scardina, President of USA Dance, & Ken Richards, Vice President of USA Dance.

I also wish to thank the Presidium for their understanding of the matter and for having the wisdom to correct the previous Code.

Couples suspended by the WDSF can write a request to Canada Dancesport asking the WDSF to reinstate them immediately to being permitted to compete in WDSF competitions & to lift all their suspensions. Dancers, I sincerely hope you take this opportunity to ask for reinstatement since we fought so hard for you to gain this right back!

Best Regards,

Sandy Brittain

President of Canada Dancesport