DSBC Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to review this important information before applying for membership. The membership application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

General Principles

Competitors will at all times:

  1. Compete fairly.
  2. Observe the rules of DanceSport.
  3. Respect fellow competitors, officials, judges and spectators.
  4. Accept defeat with dignity.
  5. Reject corruption, violence, poor sporting behaviour and other threats to our sport.
  6. Dance to the best of their ability.

Specific Principles

  1. Competitors must at all times conduct themselves in a civil and sporting manner in competition and practices. Unsporting behaviour includes, but is not limited to: consistently poor floorcraft; foul, rude or abusive language in any context; threatening or intimidating conduct; discourteous gestures; unwillingness to marshal; or violent actions of any degree or kind.
  2. Competitors must not encourage or allow family or friends to hinder the promoter’s ability to marshal competitors or manage the competition.
  3. Competitors must be present one hour prior to the start of the event for which they registered. The organizer is not obliged to wait for competitors, or to change a previously announced schedule to accommodate competitors’ tardiness.
  4. Competitors must register themselves only in events for which they are eligible.
  5. Competitors must accept all judges’ decisions as final; no possibility of appeal will be considered unless a mistake in scrutineering can be proven.
  6. Competitors must not harass a judge regarding reasons for the marks awarded.
  7. When competitors take to the floor to participate in a parade or march, they must do so in dance costume, and must not wear a studio or club jacket, robe, or any other inappropriate clothing. When competitors take to the floor to receive a trophy or medal, it is recommended that they do so in dance costume, and not wear a studio or club jacket, robe, or any other inappropriate clothing.
  8. Competitors must not move or remove scrutineer’s sheets from the competition.
  9. In the event a competitor is, for whatever reason, unable to attend a competition in which he/she has submitted an entry to compete, it is the responsibility of the competitor to forthwith notify the event organizer prior to the date of the competition of his/her inability to attend and his/her withdrawal from the competition events entered in order to allow the organizer sufficient time to schedule or re-schedule the competition events accordingly.

Competitors found in violation of the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, at the discretion of the board, that may include but is not limited to:

  1. A letter of warning or reprimand.
  2. Disqualification, which may be immediate, from participation in further competition.
  3. Suspension of non-competitive membership privileges (e.g. paid demonstrations, travel funds, member discounts; member handbook and newsletter etc.)
  4. Suspension of competitive license.
  5. Revocation of membership.
  6. Such further and other action as the nature of the case requires and as the Board or its representative(s) deems advisable or necessary in the best interests of DanceSport.


All violations of the Code of Conduct must be reported immediately a ranking DanceSport BC official. Violations not witnessed by DanceSport BC officials should be reported in writing within seven (7) days to a DanceSport BC official. Action may be taken immediately for flagrant violations observed by DanceSport BC officials or other responsible persons.

DSBC Dress Code

DanceSport BC will enforce the Canada’s national dress code at all DSBC sanctioned competitions. The dress code can be downloaded here.