Athletes wishing to compete in WDSF events must hold an active WDSF ID card.

Commencing October 1, 2017, Athletes are required to apply for a WDSF ID card or to renew one online under their new system.

The changes are as follows:

  • No more plastic WDSF ID cards instead they will be digital, a WDSF e-Card
  • Athletes must scan and upload their application,  photo & identity scan themselves
  • Athletes will need to download an app to their cell phones (athletes should make sure they or their parent has the app & a digital copy of their e-Card when attending competitions)
  • Athletes must pay for the ID card themselves. Their card is not ACTIVE until payment is received
  • Gord Brittain, Canada’s National Administrator of WDSF ID cards, must verify all applications online by checking on your Regional membership before validating your application
  • Many athletes who already have a plastic card will soon receive an email from WDSF regarding renewal of their card.

Please refer to the Instruction sheet here WDSF Card Instructions