Message from IDSF

Registered and Unregistered DanceSport Competitions
Choosing to participate in the IDSF DanceSport system described in our Rules, Codes, regulations and policies, carries with it an obligation to follow one set of common rules and to participate exclusively within that IDSF system. 

The IDSF Presidium advises that IDSF athletes, Adjudicators, Chairmen and other officials are authorized to participate in all competitions listed in the “IDSF Competition Calendar” posted on our IDSF Web Site at

However, it is the responsibility of all persons to inform themselves regularly by checking these lists to ensure that a competition is currently listed as registered within the IDSF system.  In case of doubt, please obtain confirmation in writing from IDSF or a relevant IDSF Member body that a competition is registered within the IDSF system.

A competition that is not listed and registered by either IDSF or any IDSF Member body is presumed to be unregistered, and therefore is presumed to be outside the integrated IDSF system.  Athletes, Adjudicators, Chairmen and other officials who wish to continue to participate in the IDSF system should not participate in unregistered competitions.  The IDSF Presidium may take action against any person or group associated with IDSF or an IDSF Member body, who participates in a unregistered competition in any way, without any further notice to any of them.