Dispute Resolution

Please Note: This information is provided here for reference only. In the case of any discrepancy between the version of the information provided here and the official documents held by the Secretary, the official documents shall govern.

Schedule D: Dispute Resolution Process

The following procedure shall be followed when a member elects to use the Association’s Dispute Resolution Process to:

(a) complain about a member’s behavior,

(b) complain about, or dispute a decision made by the Board, or

(c) complain about, or dispute a ruling or decision made by a Director or committee member on behalf of the Association, the Board, or a committee.

1. Complainant:

Submits a written complaint to the Secretary or President of the Board, indicating what the issue is, the relevant facts and details, and the desired remedy. The complainant must be a member of DanceSport BC. The Secretary/President shall sign the final page and record the date it was received.

2. Board:

Discusses the issue at its next meeting and makes a ruling regarding the complaint.

3. Board:

Within seven (7) days of the meeting, sends a letter to the complainant, outlining its ruling, and the factors leading to the decision.

4. Complainant:
(a) Is satisfied and drops the complaint OR
(b) Within thirty (30) days of receiving the Board’s ruling,
i. submits written notice to the Secretary/President that the Dispute Resolution Process shall continue, and
ii. appoints a representative to the Ad-Hoc Dispute Resolution Panel. This representative must be another DanceSport BC member.
5. Board, Committee, or Specific Member:

Appoints a representative to the Ad-Hoc Dispute Resolution Panel. This representative must be another DanceSport BC member.

6. Two Appointed Representatives:

Meet and appoint another DanceSport BC member as Chairperson of the Ad-Hoc Dispute Resolution Panel. At least one of the members of the Ad-Hoc Panel must be a Director and none may be the complainant.

7. Ad-Hoc Panel:

Meets and investigates the complaint. Comes to a majority decision as to their recommendation.

8. Ad-Hoc Panel:

Presents their recommendation, in writing, at the next Board meeting.

9. Board:
(a) Accepts the Panel’s recommendation and the Process is considered complete, OR
(b) Rejects the Panel’s recommendation, AND within seven (7) days sends letters to the Complainant and the Panel’s Chairperson outlining the Board’s decision, with reasons and suggested alternatives, AND a Special General Meeting shall be deemed to have been called by the Board under Bylaw 16(a).
10. Board: Shall set the date for the SGM within thirty (30) days of their decision. Said meeting shall be held within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the decision.