US Competitions

Quest for The Best Competition (3 dates)

Oct. 29, 2016  *  January 28, 2017  *  Oct. 28th, 2017
ENTRY DEADLINE:  Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016, 11:59pm for Oct. 29th competition.

Enter online at

The Seattle Chapter of your fellow amateur organization, USA Dance, invites you to attend three competitions over the next year.  This is the largest all-amateur competition in the US Pacific Northwest.  The Quest has recently expanded to include mixed proficiency events at skill levels all the way up to pre-champ (mixed is two amateurs, one at a higher skill level, where only the lower skill level competitor is judged).  Preteen and Junior events have been split into I and II levels, a reflection of the large participation of youth.  Admission is low to encourage wide participation:  $25 US for competitors (flat fee), $20 for adult spectators, and free for spectators under age 18.  There are no other entry fees.  Formation teams are most welcome, either as show numbers or in competitive events.

The venue is the spacious Kent Commons Community Center in Kent, WA with plenty of free parking onsite.  Many reasonably priced restaurants and hotels are nearby.  Don’t miss this growing event that is geared specifically for amateur dancers!


Hot Ballroom DanceSport Challenge

May 21, 2017

The Hot Ballroom DanceSport Challenge will be held at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach, California. The competition will include the Junior National Qualifying Event for USA Dance, as well as competitions across Adult and Senior age categories in all styles of DanceSport, Teacher/Student Competitions, Salsa Events, as well as Solo and Formation Team competitions.