Dues and Fees

Please Note: This information is provided here for reference only. In the case of any discrepancy between the version of the information provided here and the official documents held by the Secretary, the official documents shall govern.

Schedule C: Current Dues and Fees

1. Membership Dues are due and payable on the first day of each Membership Year as follows:
a. Athlete Members: $45 (plus CRAD fees)
b. Junior Athlete Members: $35 (plus CRAD fees)
c. Associate Members: $20
d. Social Dancer Members: $30
e. Corporate Members: $50
(CRAD fees are $25 per competitor, or as set by the Canadian Amateur DanceSport Association.)
2. There are no initiation or registration fees.
3. Members who wish to apply for a higher cost membership class during the course of the Membership Year shall be re-classified upon payment of the difference between the membership fees.
4. Members will not be permitted to downgrade to a lower cost membership class during the course of the Association Year.