DanceSport BC compiles ratings in accordance with the rules listed in Schedule B and Appendix 3. From this page you can access up to date

Championship Ratings
Child and Adult Syllabus Ratings
Senior Syllabus Ratings

Competition Results

The DanceSport BC ratings database contains results for sanctioned competitions dating back to 1991. You can browse these results using the DSBC Ratings Information System.

Any questions should be directed to the Association’s ratings secretary at ratings@dancesportbc.com

Interpreting the Ratings

Ratings are calculated separately for Standard and Latin Divisions. Each rating is a letter followed by a number; the letter is the level of the rating, and the number indicates the number of points. A competitor is promoted from one level to the next once he or she has accumulated twelve points in that level.

The levels are coded as follows:

  • N – Newcomer
  • R – Prebronze
  • B – Bronze
  • S – Silver
  • G – Gold
  • P – Prechampionship

Championship ratings are calculated separately from non-championship ratings, according to the rules listed in Appendix 3.