Championship Ratings

Compiled by Ram Randhawa (

Following are the DSBC Championship ratings as of January, 2016. These ratings are calculated as outlined in Appendix 3 of the bylaws, Ratings Rules for Championship Category.

Adult Championship Standard Ratings

Woodrow Wills and Kessa Wills 100
Peter Chen and Ying Xu 68.8
Anthony Chong and Gloria Chien 55.2
Jackson Li and Jessica Chang 46.7
Aleksander Vlasev and Victoria Zhu 34
Daniel Au and Grace Wang 16.2
Tair Rasulov and Anna Olovyannikova 4.8


Adult Championship Latin Ratings

Zika Trajkovic and Scarlett Liaifer 100
William Wu and Alisa Popok 33.3


Senior I Championship Standard Ratings

Anthony Chong and Gloria Chien 100
Peter Chen and Ying Xu 76.7
Jack Wei and Eva Tang 61.2
Vincent Mok and May Sun 47.1
Larry Yip and Sy Jung 36.7
Ivaylo (Ivo) Dimitrov and Ting Hua (Vera) Lin 36
Henry Robin High and Judy Y. Chan 30.2
Jun Mark Ma and Linda Zhang 27.3
Qingru Guan and Dior Huang 24.4
Miroslav Hatas and Ingrid Zurekova 23.6
Djun Kim and Shirley Yue 20
George Pytlik and Tatiana Spesivtseva 15.6
Peter Thi and Xiao Wei Zheng 8.5
John Burke and Doreen Thompson 6.1
Kris Drozdzenski and Xiao Wei Zheng 4.4
Jun San Juan and Simone Sio 2.2


Senior I Championship Latin Ratings

Larry Yip and Sy Jung 83.3
Pap (Sam) Szabolcs and Mavea Guan 33.3


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